We are passionate about design and delivering beautiful solutions that are simple and intuitive. Our name – “Paulownia” comes from the lightweight and proportionally strong Paulownia wood. This natural material is often used to make furniture and surfboards and is used widely in Japan. It’s a straight, reliable and beautiful material that grows super well.

We deliver results with creativity, intuition & expertise.

Creative approach

We have vast experience designing and marketing in a range of industries both in New Zealand and abroad. We understand the creative process and work with our clients to help them move towards their business goals. As we work through the creative process we aim to enrich our clients and share our knowledge to help them grow.

Results driven

A results driven approach gives you peace of mind to know that efforts to grow your brand are paying off. We take pride in exceeding expectations and will work with you to achieve your business goals.

Sustainability focused

We are focused on providing solutions long-term business success. We are advocates for corporate sustainability and driven to build brands that are environmentally and socially aware.

Walking the talk – we get a tonne of joy from the ocean and want to help make sure its well looked after. 1% of our revenue goes to Sustainable Coastlines an epic group of  New Zealanders enabling people to look after the coastlines and waterways we love.

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