Lookalike Audiences – What are they and what are their superpowers?

September 29, 2022Uncategorized1 min

Ever been shown an instagram advert by a company just after a friend just told you she bought one of their products? Or have been thinking you need new socks in your life only to be shown an ad just for that specific thing? 馃く

Tech giants like Meta (formally Facebook) and Google spend oodles profiling their audiences annually.

It’s is how these companies know you need new socks before you do. It’s how they know where you live and what you eat for breakfast – yes it’s scary but there is so much leverage on the other end of this for us as small business owners.

What are lookalike audiences?

Lookalike audience use existing user profiling for users who take action with your brand and matches them with similar people to show your online advertising to likeminded people.

What’s their superpower?

They’re super powerful because you can upload a list of 100 of your most loyal customers and Meta can create an audience of 5000 people who are similar to those loyal folk meaning there is a high chance these lovely people will also be interested in buying from you! So if you’re about to create a Meta (Facebook) ad first create a Lookalike audience and help majorly increase your bang for buck.

So how do I create a lookalike audience?聽

There are fantabulous instructions and how to guides on Meta’s resource page here. Need help setting up audiences and conversion tracking in Facebook? Get in touch with us.

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