8 steps to leverage your blog to help maximise exposure

·July 26, 2018·Tips and Tutorials·2 min·

1. Regular blog articles
Choose a frequency that is achievable; a blog every fortnight or every month.

2. Upload blog to website
The blog should be hosted on your own website if possible. This will encourage traffic to the site which helps with SEO.

3. Create a Facebook post by sharing blog
Post the blog on Facebook to share with your social community.

4. Instagram Post
Use a key message from the blog article and an appealing image to create an Instagram post. Use relevant hashtags and try post in the morning or evening to maximise exposure.

5. Boosted posts
To help maximise exposure of the content on Instagram and Facebook try boosting posts. Use custom audiences to ensure people who are likely to be interested in the content see the post. Here is a link to more information about Custom Audiences and how to set them up.

6. Monthly Email
A monthly email is a great way to keep in touch with your existing customers and help generate new ones. Blog articles make perfect content for email marketing, especially when paired with special offer e.g. buy two get one free this month for Father’s Day.

Remember that we want to get people back to the website so just share a snippet of the blog with a “read more” button which links to the full article on the website. Mailchimp is a great free tool to design and send these emails from.

7. Media release
Some blogs may be suitable to edit into media release format. This can then be sent out via email to relevant media contacts with the hope it gets published. Media relations takes time so it is not a quick win but these relations will become valuable assets for your brand if it’s looking to build its presence in the marketplace.

8. Offer content to industry partners and influencers
Asking existing industry alliances such as suppliers and retailers to share the content with their audience will help to increase the reach of this content and help to establish your brand as a trusted authority. Other alliances or influencer relations in your industry could also be explored.


We’d love to sit down with you over a coffee or computer and give you some pointers for leveraging your digital marketing.

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